Useful Links
Courses (Taken and Audited)
  • CS 230: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CS 231: Algorithms for the Internet Age
  • CS 271: Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems
  • CS 276: Advanced Topics in Networking
  • CS 280: Real-Time Computer Graphics
  • CS 284: Mobile Computing
  • CS 290I: Computer Imaging
  • CS 290N: Bioinformatics
  • CS 595D: Research Seminars on Databases and Information Systems
  • CS 595F: Hot Topics in Systems and Networking
  • CS 595I: Research Seminar on Video Content Analysis and Video Surveillance
  • CS 595N: CS Faculty Research Colloquium
  • ECE 205A: Information Theory
  • ECE 268: Internet Computing and Web Technologies
  • ECE 277: Pattern Recognition
  • ECE 594: Large Scale Scientific Data Mining
  • ECE 594N: Data Mining
  • CS 501: Techniques of Computer Science Teaching
  • LING7: International TA Workshop
  • LING3G: Graduate Writing
Interesting Third Party Projects
  • SETI@Home - Search ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence (SETI), its pupose is to find out if there exists intelligent lives outside earth. It will use your computing power while the computer is idle.
  • Einstein@Home - This project facilitates computer's idle time to search for pulsars, or spinning neuron stars. It is a Physics 2005 project supported by the American Physical Society.