sinister picture of me
Erik O Peterson

Meatspace: Kirkland, WA [map]
Telephonespace: (818) 510-1854

Current Work

I am now living in the Greater Seattle [map] Area, about to start work as a Software Design Engineer at Microsoft Corp.

Previous Work

In 2007 I received my MS from the Computer Science program in the College of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara [map]. I was an inmate of the MAYHEM lab under the expert tutelage of Rich Wolski. My thesis dealt with sensor networks and the automotive applications thereof.

In 2003 I received my BS in Creative Studies with an emphasis in Computer Science and Minor in Classics from UCSB. Previous employment runs the gamut from freelance web design and IT to Gardening and Lifting Heavy Things.

In 2007 I finished almost 8 years of internships and fulltime employment at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory [map]. My most recent work was on the Aquarius project, where I was the lead software engineer (read: the only software engineer) for the active thermal control subsystem.

I have taken leave from Caltech [map], where I held a position as a Visitor in Applied Physics.

In the Computer Science department, I have taken the following courses: 40, 110A, 130A, 130B, 162, 136 (now 138), 154, 160, 170, 172, 174, 176A, 177, 178, 186, 225 [project], 263 [project], 266, 267 [project], 270, 271, 276 [hw, project], 280 [hw, project].

Misc E

I enjoy photography, road trips, hiking, fencing, cinema, reading, writing, paradigm-breaking electronic entertainment, and coming up with inane lists of stuff that I enjoy.

There are also always one or two projects ongoing outside of school and work. I've also gotten it into my head that I am going to do some great noble service to The Internets by writing up tutorials of things. We'll see how THAT goes... So far, all I have is OpenGL on a Mac. Cg in XCode is coming soon, I hope... Also, I have taken it upon myself to try to model UCSB in Google SketchUp for inclusion in Google Earth. As you can see, I spend my time wisely.

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