About Me

I am currently a Senior Scientist at GrammaTech Inc., Ithaca, NY. I defended my dissertation and obtained a PhD in Computer Science at UCSB. My research focus has primarily been in the areas of program analysis, programming language design and secure information flow. I was advised by the awesome Prof. Ben Hardekopf, and I worked with him on programming language research (abstract interpretation, type systems, language and semantics design). I enjoyed two summers (2011, 2012) doing a research internship at Mozilla Research.

Some History

I am originally from a beautiful town called Sagara, in India. I did my bachelors degree in Computer Science at RV College of Engineering, Bangalore (India). After that, I worked as a Software Engineer at National Instruments R&D, Bangalore. Here is one of the cool features I worked on while at National Instruments.

Other Things I Do

A lot of racket sports. I love playing tennis, badminton, squash. I also love climbing, swimming, travelling, trekking, hiking, biking, running and for over a year now, crossfit. I used to be a Radio Jockey at a local community radio station in Santa Barbara, for the India Show at KCSB 91.9 FM. It also has a webcast for those not in Santa Barbara.

A Bit About Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has lovely weather, beautiful and friendly people, very less traffic, amazing beaches and a superb University that does some cutting edge research.  I already miss it!