Computational photography in the field! Photo by Natasha Gelfand, 2009.
Daniel Andre Vaquero

PhD in Computer Science
Four Eyes Lab
Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
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Welcome to my web page!

I am a Data Scientist at Nokia Technologies. I joined Nokia after receiving a PhD degree in Computer Science from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where I was advised by Prof. Matthew Turk. Prior to starting my doctoral studies, I got my BSc and MSc degrees, also in Computer Science, from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. My interests lie in areas that deal with processing of visual information, such as computer vision, image processing and computer graphics, as well as applied machine learning.
Main Research Interests

Previous Projects
Composition Context Photography

Composition Context Photography
(with Matthew Turk)
WACV 2015 paper
PhD dissertation
SIGGRAPH 2011 abstract (Semi-Finalist, ACM Student Research Competition) and video

Illumination Demultiplexing from a Single Image

Illumination Demultiplexing from a Single Image
(with Christine Chen and Matthew Turk)
project page
ICCV 2011 paper
teaser video

Generalized Autofocus

Generalized Autofocus
(with Natasha Gelfand, Marius Tico, Kari Pulli, and Matthew Turk)
project page
WACV 2011 paper
video demo

Retargeting Survey

A Survey of Image Retargeting Techniques
(with Matthew Turk, Kari Pulli, Marius Tico, and Natasha Gelfand)
SPIE Optical Eng. + Applications 2010 paper


The Frankencamera: An Experimental Platform for Computational Photography
(with Andrew Adams, Eino-Ville Talvala, Sung Hee Park, David Jacobs, Boris Ajdin, Natasha Gelfand, Jennifer Dolson, Jongmin Baek, Marius Tico, Hendrik Lensch, Wojciech Matusik, Kari Pulli, Mark Horowitz, Marc Levoy)
project page
Camera 2.0 FCam

Mobile Panorama

Mobile Panorama
(with Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto)
Research Internship
VCUI team page

People Search

Attribute-Based People Search
(with Rogerio Feris, Duan Tran, Lisa Brown, Arun Hampapur, and Matthew Turk)
project page
WACV 2009 paper
video demo of our system

frequency demultiplexing

A Projector-Camera Setup for Geometry-Invariant Frequency Demultiplexing
(with Ramesh Raskar, Rogerio Feris and Matthew Turk)
project page
CVPR 2009 paper


IBM Smart Surveillance Solution
(with the Exploratory Computer Vision Group at IBM Watson)
Research Internship
project page


Multiflash Imaging and Applications
(with Rogerio Feris, Matthew Turk and Ramesh Raskar)
project page

shadow geometry

Characterizing the Shadow Space of Camera-Light Pairs
(with Rogerio Feris, Matthew Turk and Ramesh Raskar)
project page
CVPR 2008 paper


Multiresolution Design of W-Operators from Examples
with applications in handwritten digit classification
(with Junior Barrera and Roberto Hirata Jr.)
SIBGRAPI 2005 paper ISMM 2007 extended abstract
Digit databases: IME-USP MNIST
In Portuguese: MSc thesis Image Pyramids Survey

text segmentation

Automatic Segmentation of Text from Documents
(Mathematical Morphology course project)

Results: Magazine Book


Fingerprint Verification using Mathematical Morphology
(with Junior Barrera)

project page (in Portuguese)


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Additional Information
Daniel Andre Vaquero
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