Banit Agrawal, Ph.D.

firstname.lastname at gmail dot com (preferable)
firstname at cs dot ucsb dot edu

Research Projects

High Bandwidth Network Memory Design Through Virtual Pipelines IEEE/ACM ToN'09, MICRO'06
Ternary CAM power and delay modeling IEEE TVLSI'08, ISPASS'06
System Introspection Using 3-Dimensional Integration IEEE Micro Top Pick'07, ASPLOS'06
Thermally Aware Performance Analysis in 3-D Integration DAC'06
Hardware Methods for Efficiently Searching, Storing, and Updating Big Dataflow Tags MICRO'08
Understanding and Visualizing Full Systems with Data Flow Tomography ASPLOS'08
Guiding Architectural SRAM Models ICCD'06
Formulating and Implementing Profiling over Adaptive Ranges ACM TACO'08, CGO'06
Low Power Off-chip Data Bus Encoding Techniques IEEE TC'09, ACM TECS'09, ICCD'05, ISLPED'05, CASES'03, HiPC'03
Controlling Spam Emails at the Routers RTI'07, ICC'05
Nano-enhanced Architectures: Using Carbon Nanotube Interconnects in Cache Design NSC'07
Exploring the Processor and ISA Design for Wireless Sensor Network Applications VLSID'08
Addressing the Challenges of Synchronization/Communication and Debugging Support in Hardware/Software Cosimulation VLSID'08

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