Arun Qamra

I am currently a research scientist at Teracent Corporation, San Mateo.

I graduated with a PhD in Computer Science at UC Santa Barbara where I worked with Prof. Ed. Chang. My research addresses scalability issues for information retrieval and data mining, especially for multimedia and other complex data. Also, I have worked in the areas of blog mining and document images. Please see my publications page for an updated list of published papers.

My recent industrial experience includes reserach internships at Ricoh Innovations (with Michael Gormish) and NEC Labs, Cupertino (with Belle Tseng).


- [Oct 5 2007] Joined Teracent Corporation !
- [Apr 26 2007] I am now at SIAM Data Mining where I gave a talk on RCMap.
- [Dec 21 2006] My paper on RCMap was accepted to SIAM Data Mining 2007 !
- [Nov 8 2006] Currently at CIKM 2006 in Arlington. Presented my paper on mining stories in blogs.
- [Oct 25 2006] Volunteering at ACM Multimedia 2006 here in Santa Barbara. Interesting conference.
- [Oct 24 2006] Cleared my Dissertation Proposal !
- [Sep 29 2006] Back to school after a great summer at Ricoh Innovations
- More..


Email: aqamra at
Tel: 805 252 0410